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Deep Tissue Massage

Full Body Relaxing

Movement Improvement

Fatigue Recovery

Deep Tissue Massage

3 Sessions Package

​Package of Sessions 

60 min x 3

| ¥19,200 (¥6,400 / ss)

90 min x 3

| ¥28,800 (¥9,600 / ss)

120 min x 3

| ¥38,400 (¥12,800 / ss)

6 Sessions Package

60 min x 6

| ¥36,000 (¥6,000 / ss)

90 min x 6

| ¥54,000 (¥9,000 / ss)

120 min x 6

| ¥72,000 (¥12,000 / ss)

Deep Tissue Massage

Full Body Relaxing

The strokes of Deep Tissue Massage are precisely along the flow of muscle fibers throughout the body.

It more effectively loosens tension and enables each muscle to work at maximum performance in the proper positions.

It’s so effective for people who have physical pain in a specific area, want to relieve sluggishness and heaviness and recover from fatigue, or want to improve performance in sports and other activities.

[ Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Shoulder Blade Pain / Low Back Pain / Tight Hamstrings / Sciatica / Hip Pain / Frozen Shoulder  / Physical Fatigue / Chronic Pains / Muscle Stiffness / Joint Pains / Stress / Sleep Disorders ]

Your body will get better step by step.

After the initial treatment, you may experience a reaction to the treatment. Your muscles are loose and circulation is improved, you feel lighter, sometimes dizzy or dull, have a different sense of the center of gravity, be thirsty, or have a little muscle soreness like after exercise. These are part of the healing process.

For quick recovery, be sure to take a good rest and drink plenty of water.

For further improvement, a return visit within 3 weeks is recommended. Then I will be able to get a clearer picture of the conditions in the second and subsequent sessions and your body & mind will progress better and better.

Yoh Kitahara

Deep Tissue Massage [full-body]

60 min | ¥8,600

Deep Tissue Massage [full-body + focusing]

90 min | ¥12,900


Deep Tissue Massage [full-body + customize]

120 min | ¥17,200

disposable underwear

hot towel

a bottle of water

| Free

Package of Sessions
credit card payment

Slow, Firm Pressure

Massage will be performed with essential oil in slow, firm pressure - of course, the pressure will be adjusted to your comfort.

Deep Tissue Massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and Myofascia, releasing adhesions or knots, and reducing aches and pains of the whole body.

It is great for easing persistent muscle discomfort and makes you feel better, and move lighter.

Deep Tissue Massage

Release adhesion in muscle fascia

Continued use of muscles in daily activities causes adhesions between muscle fascias that prevent them from moving smoothly.

Then you might have tightness, soreness, or a limited range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage accesses the gaps between Myofascia, peels away the adhesions, and makes body fluid flow, allowing each muscle to move more freely.

Contact me: YOH KITAHARA
(owner / therapist)

Putting into practice all kinds of techniques such as Myofascial Release, Seitai (整体), Chiropractic, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Head Massage.

*Free consultations - I'll ask about the details of your condition before every treatment.

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3 min from JR Ebisu station west exit
1 min from Hibiya line Ebisu exit 4
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I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Effectiveness for Symptoms

Shoulder Pain

・Dull or aching in the joint

・Sharp pain on a certain angle

・Muscle stiffness, heaviness

In my experience, the majority of shoulder pain is caused by the misalignment of the bones such as the humerus, shoulder blade, and clavicle associated with stiffness of the muscle and fascia.
To remove pain, need to loosen the stiff muscles that pull bones around the shoulder joint and get them back to the correct position.

Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Blade Pain

・Dull, sharp, throbbing, aching, or burning pain.

・Weakness in the muscle, difficulty lifting the arm.

・A snapping sound when moving the shoulder.

I will release muscle stiffness and remove the adhesion of fascia between the shoulder blade and rib cage. The pain will be eased and the range of motion increased. You can have a better performance in daily activities.

Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

shoulder blade pain


・Mild ache to sharp, burning pain

・Numbness or tingling in the leg or foot

・Muscle weakness


The tension of deeper muscles around the low back, hip joint, and hamstrings compresses the sciatic nerve, and it causes shooting nerve pain in the affected leg or numbness. I will release muscles on the surface and deeper, making the position of your lumbar, pelvis, and hip joints normal. Then the pain and numbness will be less.

▷Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage


Neck Pain

・Painful and heavy in your neck and shoulders.

・Frequently headaches, sometimes nausea.

・Pinching, tightness around the back of the head to neck.


Because of cell phones, PC, long flights, or sleeping wrong…

I release the muscle tightness and correct the balance of the pelvis because it's the foundation of the neck and head. After your head position comes back to correct, neck pain will be removed.

Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

▷Head Massage

Neck pain

Low Back Pain

・Hard to sit down for a long time.
・Painful when you stand up.
・Constant discomfort in the lower back.

Low back pain is often caused by muscle tension or strain due to pelvis and lumbar spine imbalances.
The pelvic imbalance will lead to damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of nerve roots, and improper movement of the spinal joints.
Treatments of Massage S-Shape not only relax tense muscles but also correct joint positions.
It provides long-lasting pain relief necessary for an active lifestyle.
I assess your posture and condition before the treatment and do the right treatment for you to get better. I also give you an instruction on good sitting posture for your prevention of pain.

Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

back pain

Hip Pain

The ball and socket joint (hip joint) position is pulled and somehow not correct. And it causes pain or limitation of the movements. I will release the muscle fascia that pulls the hip joint, take a pelvis balance, and make more space between the ball and socket to move. Then the pain will be less.

▷Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

Hip Pain

Frozen Shoulder

・Hard to raise or move

・Pinching pain when moving shoulder

・Dull or aching outer shoulder or upper arm


The Scapula, Clavicle bone, and Humerus bone for normal shoulder range of motion are supposed to move together smoothly.

I release muscle tightness that limits the movement of those joints and increases your mobility. That tightness might be caused by the result of daily usage and poor posture. The misalignment of pelvic balance is also needed to be corrected.

▷Therapeutic Massage

▷Deep Tissue Massage

Frozen Shoulder

Physical Fatigue

Muscle fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that wraps the entire body. There is adhesion between each muscle in the area you feel fatigued. I contact both superficial and deep layers and remove the adhesion of muscle fascia. Then your body waste will be drained and each muscle can move easily. You will feel much lighter and have great performance.

▷Deep Tissue Massage

▷Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Physical Fatigue
Google Maps
3 min from JR Ebisu station west exit
1 min from Hibiya line Ebisu exit 4
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I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[Lymphatic Drainage Massage] or [Deep Tissue Massage]: Which One is the Right Treatment for You?

Shoulder Massage

There are many options to take when you come to massage treatment. Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Deep Tissue Massage are two commonly preferred options. But how do these two massage styles differ, and which one is best for you?

A type of massage therapy called Lymphatic Drainage Massage aims to promote lymph circulation throughout the body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help promote the lymphatic system, which aids in the elimination of waste and toxins from the body. The therapist uses light, rhythmic strokes to promote lymphatic flow and cleansing during a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

For people with fluid retention, lymphedema, or other conditions affecting lymphatic function, Lymphatic Drainage Massage can be a great option.

Relaxing deep layers of muscle and connective tissue is the primary focus of Deep Tissue Massage.

It targets specific knots or sore spots with slow, firm pressure, and removes adhesion, or knots, from the muscles, and encourages healing and relaxation.

Those who are healing from an injury or who have chronic pain or tight muscles might benefit greatly from Deep Tissue Massage.

Low Back Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Deep Tissue Massage can both promote health, but their mechanisms of action are different. The two therapies differ significantly in the following ways:



Lymphatic Drainage Massage: gentle, rhythmic strokes to encourage lymphatic circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage: slow, firm pressure to target specific areas of stress or pain.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage: more continuous, flowing strokes

Deep Tissue Massage: more specific techniques including kneading and circular motions.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage: to encourage lymphatic flow and cleansing

Deep Tissue Massage: to break up muscular adhesions and promote relaxation and healing.

Which Therapy Suits You Best?

Abdominal Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you are struggling with fluid retention, lymphedema, or limb swelling after cancer treatment Lymphatic Drainage Massage will be more beneficial.

Reasons to consult

[Swollen Arms / Swollen Legs / Cellulite / Bloated Stomach / Flabby Stomach / Water Retention / Metabolic Syndrome / Lymphedema / Edema / Aging Skin ]

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

If you experience frequent pain or tight muscles and would like to relax and recover from injuries or fatigue, Deep Tissue Massage will be a better choice.

Reasons to consult

[ Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Shoulder Blade Pain / Low Back Pain / Tight Hamstrings / Sciatica / Hip Pain / Frozen Shoulder  / Physical Fatigue / Chronic Pains / Muscle Stiffness / Joint Pains / Stress / Sleep Disorders ]

Yoh Kitahara

Looking for a massage therapist in Tokyo?

Hello, my name is Yoh Kitahara: owner and therapist of Massage S-Shape.

I am providing English massage treatment services in Tokyo, Ebisu.

I will collaborate with you to choose the most appropriate course of action for your unique requirements and goals.


*Free consultations - I'll ask about the details of your condition before every treatment.

Google Maps
3 min from JR Ebisu station west exit
1 min from Hibiya line Ebisu exit 4
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Contact me via WhatsApp, LINE.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Can I have a treatment in English?
    Yes, you definitely can. I am here to provide authentic massage therapies for English speakers in Japan. You will have no stress about having treatment and getting better.
  • What to wear during a massage session?
    [Therapeutic Massage] [Foot & Leg Massage] [Head Massage] A session is performed with clothes on. Please be in comfortable clothes such as activewear. You can change clothes before the session. Also, a free change of clothes is provided. No need to bring anything in particular. [Deep Tissue Massage] [Lymph Drainage Massage] I will massage the whole body with oil. You can undress to your comfort level. Areas not being treated will always be properly draped with a sheet. You may wear your own underwear or shorts, or disposable underwear is provided for free.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    The following payment methods are available: Cash Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners, 銀聯, Discover) Apple Pay Alipay WeChat Pay PayPay iD Suica, PASMO QUICPay and more.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    Sometimes, pressure points may feel tender but should not hurt. It’s called a “good kind of pain”. Let me know anytime if you feel discomfort or pain during treatment.
  • Can I have a treatment during pregnancy?
    Yes, you can. I have a lot of experience in the treatment of pregnant clients. I understand there are a lot of physical difficulties during pregnancy and what they need.
  • Can I have a free consultation?
    Yes, you can. I will ask you the detail about your current condition before the initial session. Please tell me your history of the symptoms. I can also discuss with you to determine what type of treatment you would like to receive.
  • What symptoms are massage therapies effective to get better?
    Therapeutic Massage #Pain Relief #Muscle Relaxation #Posture Improvement [ Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Low Back Pain / Sciatica / Frozen Shoulder / Hip Pain / Strained Back / Knee Pain / Jaw Cracking / Headache / Migraine / Muscle Stiffness / Hunchback / Text Neck / Rounded Shoulders ] Deep Tissue Massage #Full Body Relaxing #Movement Improvement #Fatigue Recovery [ Chronic Pains / Muscle Stiffness / Joint Pains / Fatigue / Postural Imbalance  / Stress / Sleep Disorders / Headache / Migraine ] Lymphatic Drainage Massage #Full Body Detox #Reduce Swelling #Slimming [ Lymphedema / Edema / Cellulite / Fluid Retention / Swollen Legs, Arms / Metabolic Syndrome / Bloating / Stress / Fatigue / Aging ] Head Massage #Headache Relief #Eye Strain Recovery #Sleep Improvement [ Headache / Migraine / Eye Strain / Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Jaw Cracking / Insomnia / Brain Fog ] Foot & Leg Massage #Tired, Aching Feet Relief #Edema Avoiding #Muscle Recovery [ Tired, Aching Legs / Swollen Legs / Sluggish Legs / Muscle Stiffness / Lymphedema / Edema / Cellulite / Joint Pains / Stress ]
  • Is couples massage available?
    Couples massage can be done one by one because Massage S-shape is operated by one therapist.
Mobile Massage

​Treatment comes to you

Mobile massage service for pain relief and relaxation is also available.

No need to go to an unfamiliar place in a new city.

English-speaking therapist comes to your room.

*Working area: Hotel & Home in central Tokyo

*Massage will be performed on the existing bed.

*Credit Card payment accepted.

credit card payment

*Accommodates guests from various countries.

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