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Procedure of Treatment

1:Filling out the counseling forms.

Counseling forms

If this is your first visit to our clinic, please fill out the simple counseling forms with your symptoms.

2:Counseling and assessment


Our clinic places great importance on "listening" first. We will ask you about your symptoms and physical condition in detail. Please tell us anything that is bothering you.
You can also consult with us before deciding which treatment is right for you.

3:Pelvis/spine check, range of motion inspection

Inspection of the spine

We will ask you to change into comfortable clothes (changes are available free of charge), check the balance of your pelvis and spine in a sitting position, and inspect the degree of muscle tension and range of motion of your joints. We will explain your condition in an easy-to-understand manner and provide you with key points for treatment.



Whenever we perform a treatment, we always explain in an easy-to-understand manner what we are about to do, what it is intended to do, and what effects it will have. The treatment consists of massage, stretching, and joint manipulation (depending on the treatment). We will relieve stiffness, which is the source of pain and distortion. You can relax and enjoy the treatment. 

5:Post-treatment examination assessment

Instruction of self exercise

We will check your pelvis and spine balance and posture again. We will be responsible for explaining your condition after the treatment, so please do not hesitate to tell us if you have any concerns. We also offer advice on self-care and daily life to maintain and further improve your good condition. 

6:Payment and next reservation

Next Reservation

After you have finished changing your clothes, etc., we will accept your payment and make an appointment for your next visit. Of course, we will not force you to make an appointment for the next time. We accept cash, credit cards, and cashless payment.

*The content and order of treatments may change depending on the service.

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