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Don't worry, you get better.

Over 12 years of experience can find the real cause of your pain and lead to recovery.

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3 min from JR Ebisu station west exit
1 min from Hibiya line Ebisu exit 4
Massage S-Shape

Services of Massage S-Shape

[Therapeutic Massage]

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Therapeutic Massage.png

Muscle Relaxation

Posture Improvement

Posture Improvement

[Head Massage]

Head Massage

Headache Relief

Eye Strain Recovery

Sleep Improvement

[Lymphatic Drainage]

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Full Body Detox

Reduce Swelling


[Deep Tissue Massage]

Deep Tissue Massage

Full Body Relaxing

Movement Improvement

Fatigue Recovery

Features of Massage S-Shape

Anatomy workshop
Free consultations

[ Free consultations in English ]

-I ask about the detail of your condition before every treatment-

Shiatsu Massage
Pelvic Adjustment

[ "Right there" experience ]

-Get the right spot bothering you-

Shoulder treatment
Shoulder blade

[ Find the real cause of your pain ]

-Experienced touch leads to recovery-


Over 12 years of experience in physical care in Tokyo and Hawaii

Hello! My name is Yoh Kitahara.

I started my career at a massage clinic in Tokyo and put into practice all kinds of techniques such as Myofascial Release, Seitai (整体), Chiropractic, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Head Massage.

I lived in Hawaii from 2014 to 2021 and ran a massage clinic there.

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  • Can I have a treatment in English?
    Yes, you definitely can. I am here to provide authentic massage therapies for English speakers in Japan. You will have no stress about having treatment and getting better.
  • What to wear during a massage session?
    [Therapeutic Massage] [Foot & Leg Massage] [Head Massage] A session is performed with clothes on. Please be in comfortable clothes such as activewear. You can change clothes before the session. Also, a free change of clothes is provided. No need to bring anything in particular. [Deep Tissue Massage] [Lymph Drainage Massage] I will massage the whole body with oil. You can undress to your comfort level. Areas not being treated will always be properly draped with a sheet. You may wear your own underwear or shorts, or disposable underwear is provided for free.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    The following payment methods are available: Cash Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners, 銀聯, Discover) Apple Pay Alipay WeChat Pay PayPay iD Suica, PASMO QUICPay and more.
  • Does the treatment hurt?
    Sometimes, pressure points may feel tender but should not hurt. It’s called a “good kind of pain”. Let me know anytime if you feel discomfort or pain during treatment.
  • Can I have a treatment during pregnancy?
    Yes, you can. I have a lot of experience in the treatment of pregnant clients. I understand there are a lot of physical difficulties during pregnancy and what they need.
  • Can I have a free consultation?
    Yes, you can. I will ask you the detail about your current condition before the initial session. Please tell me your history of the symptoms. I can also discuss with you to determine what type of treatment you would like to receive.
  • What symptoms are massage therapies effective to get better?
    Therapeutic Massage #Pain Relief #Muscle Relaxation #Posture Improvement [ Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Low Back Pain / Sciatica / Frozen Shoulder / Hip Pain / Strained Back / Knee Pain / Jaw Cracking / Headache / Migraine / Muscle Stiffness / Hunchback / Text Neck / Rounded Shoulders ] Deep Tissue Massage #Full Body Relaxing #Movement Improvement #Fatigue Recovery [ Chronic Pains / Muscle Stiffness / Joint Pains / Fatigue / Postural Imbalance  / Stress / Sleep Disorders / Headache / Migraine ] Lymphatic Drainage Massage #Full Body Detox #Reduce Swelling #Slimming [ Lymphedema / Edema / Cellulite / Fluid Retention / Swollen Legs, Arms / Metabolic Syndrome / Bloating / Stress / Fatigue / Aging ] Head Massage #Headache Relief #Eye Strain Recovery #Sleep Improvement [ Headache / Migraine / Eye Strain / Neck Pain / Shoulder Pain / Jaw Cracking / Insomnia / Brain Fog ] Foot & Leg Massage #Tired, Aching Feet Relief #Edema Avoiding #Muscle Recovery [ Tired, Aching Legs / Swollen Legs / Sluggish Legs / Muscle Stiffness / Lymphedema / Edema / Cellulite / Joint Pains / Stress ]
  • Is couples massage available?
    Couples massage can be done one by one because Massage S-shape is operated by one therapist.
Google Maps
3 min from JR Ebisu station west exit
1 min from Hibiya line Ebisu exit 4
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Hotel room

​Treatment comes to you

Mobile massage service for pain relief and relaxation is also available.

No need to go to an unfamiliar place in a new city.

English-speaking therapist comes to your room.

*Working area: Hotel & Home in central Tokyo

*Massage will be performed on the existing bed.

*Credit Card payment accepted.

credit card payment

*Accommodates guests from various countries.

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