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[Therapeutic Massage]

Myofascial Massage + Acupressure + Joint Manipulation

shoulder joint inspection

Pain Relief

Acupressure on the hip joint

Movement Restoration

Inspection of the spine

Posture Correction

[Relaxation Massage]

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology

Boost Immune System

Stress Relieving

Balance Improvement

Head Massage

Head massage

Headache Relief

Eye Strain Recovery

Sleep Improvement

Deep Tissue Massage

Lymph drainage

Lymph Drainage

Swelling Reduction

Stiffness Removal

Posture improvement of clients


The center of gravity, which had been tilted forward, is now back on the heels, and the ears, shoulders, hip joints, and ankles are aligned. The head, which had been forward, has returned to its original correct position.


The shoulders, which had been inward, opened up and the upper back, which had been rounded, straightened. In addition, tension from the shoulder blades to the back of the head was removed, and the neck could be extended naturally.


The contract core muscles loosen up and the whole body was lifted. She now stands beautifully against gravity. Her height also seems to have slightly increased.

Yoh Kitahara in Hawaii

Over 10 years of experience in physical care in Tokyo and Hawaii

In 2010, he started his career at a massage clinic in Tokyo and practiced all kinds of techniques such as Myofascial Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Chiropractic, Lymph Drainage, Facial, and Head Spa.

He lived in Hawaii from 2014 to 2021 and ran a massage clinic there.

What Massage S-Shape customers say

Marlene Nakai

Marlene Nakai

He was able to realign my hips and release my Myofascial which I still cannot believe to this day healed my knee injury! He has a God-given gift to heal and he is using it on us Thank you Yoh San.

5 stars
Elissa Walker

Elissa Walker

It's easier to move around and I'm amazed at how much pain I was carrying every day.  I'd definitely recommend visiting Yoh to get his input on improving your posture and relieving tension from your body.

5 stars
Juan Facundo Vera

Juan Facundo Vera

Yoh was really nice and professional, I feel much better after visiting him, he speaks really fluent English, so the communication was really easy, I totally recommend it.

5 stars

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