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What is a good posture?

Good standing posture

1. When viewed from the side, the ears, shoulders, hip joints, knee joints, and ankles should be in a straight line.


2. Slightly squeeze both shoulder blades and expand your chest.


3. Slightly tighten your buttocks muscles.


4. Stretch your knees straight.


5. The Center of gravity should be placed not on the toes but on the heels, evenly distributed on both sides.


Good sitting posture

1. The head should be directly above the torso, and the ears, shoulders, and hip joints should be in a straight line.


2. Squeeze shoulder blades toward the spine and stretch the chest slightly.

3. The spine should form a gentle S-shape, not a C-shape.


4. Lightly tense the abdominal and back muscles to stabilize.


5. Keep the pelvis upright and place the upper body straight on top of it.

​Do you sit like this?

This is one of the typical poor sitting postures.

1. The head goes forward and becomes text neck.

2. The shoulders are rounded.


3. The back is bending and the spine forms C-shape.


4. Abdominal muscles weaken and the belly is pushed out.

5. The pelvis tilts backward, and the body weight rides on the tailbone instead of Ischium.


Daily habits create your posture

Poor posture causes many issues

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