Relaxation Massages


Boost Immune System

Stress Relieving

Balance Improvement


Foot Reflexology | 30min

Price | 3600 JPY

Foot reflexology

Reflexology is based on the theory that feet are connected to certain organs and body systems. Applying pressure to specific points offers a range of health benefits.


Body & Foot | 90min
[Myofascial Massage 60min + Foot Reflexology 30min]

Price | 9900 JPY


Headache Relief

Eye Strain Recovery

Sleep Improvement

Head Massage

Head spa

Head Massage | 30min
[Head, Face, Neck, and Shoulders]

Price | 3600 JPY

Body & Head | 90min
[Therapeutic Massage 60min + Head Massage 30min]

Price | 9900 JPY


Massage focused on the head, face, neck, and shoulder to relax your brain, boost blood circulation to your eyes, and make you sleep better. 


Circulation Boost

Stiffness Reduction

Pain Relief

​Lymph Drainage 

Lymph drainage setting

Lymph Drainage | 120min
[Full-Body, Face & Head]

Price | 13200 JPY

Deep tissue massage with essential oil to reduce tightness, and tension, and increase range of motion.

Leg Swelling / Physical Fatigue / Dullness / Stress / Heaviness in the limbs / Lymphedema

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