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Forward Head Posture

If you are in the correct posture, ears, shoulders, hip joints, knees, and ankles should be in a straight line. Released tension of entire muscle fascia and took a balance.
It made him stand straight so much easier.


Hunchback Posture

Fixed pelvis imbalance so that she can stand pelvis in a sitting position.
Also released core muscles such as the Psoas major and made more space between the pelvis and rib cage.


Asymmetrical Posture

Removed muscle tension that attaches pelvis such as Hamstrings, Gluteus, and Psoas major, and took a balance.
The pelvis is the foundation of entire body symmetry.


Rounded Shoulders

Removed tightness on the front side of the neck, shoulders, chest, and backside of the head.
And made the scapular back to the correct position. The shoulder was opened, the back straightened, and the head position is right above the torso.


Swayback Posture

Fixed tilting forward pelvis to standing upright.
Also fixed exaggerated inward curve in the lumbar spine.

Now he can stand straight.


Bowlegs in Adult

It depends on how tight is your joint and muscle, but bowlegs can be fixed or improved even if you are already an adult.
Position of Pelvis, Hip joint, Knee joint, Fibula bone, and Ankle are needed to be fixed.

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